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    Writer, singer-songwriter, philosopher.

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    I have written more than three albums of original compositions. I am looking for a partnership with a record label.

    The musician.

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    I am building my self-sufficiency and I have a podcast called The Health and Self-Sufficiency Podcast.

    A free spirit.

Alain Paquette's books

Welcome to my website :)

First, I recommend that you follow me as an author on amazon so that you are informed automatically on the release of my upcoming books. This allows me to be in direct contact with my readers and eventually publish my books without the need for an editor.

If you are here, I guess you have discovered me with my podcast on Health & Self-Sufficiency or that you have watched one of my Youtube videos. It is a pleasure to share my experience because I think it can make a difference for many people.

I know that my audience is full of nice and awakened individuals. I like to receive your feedbacks. Do not hesitate to write to me if you have any questions or suggestions. You can send me an email directly by clicking here.

Rejuvenating Nutrition Guidelines

Currently being translated for 2023 release.

I published "le Guide Alimentaire Rajeunissant", my first book, in 2008 in a black & white ecological version. I printed 500 copies and sold most of them in a local natural food store. In 2009, the 2nd edition of this French book was published in colors.

The book achieved some success in Quebec with 5000 copies sold. I did many conferences around Montreal and a few interviews in different medias.

Since march 1st 2022, I have published a free French pdf version of this book on my website www.alimentationrajeunissante.com. Around 2023, I will publish a free English pdf of this book on my Rejuvenating Nutrition website www.rejuvenatingnutrition.com.

Introduction video

Le Guide Alimentaire Rajeunissant (French)

The reference to cure the body naturally with nutrition.


Pourquoi devient-on malade?

A book full of universal truths about health and the real causes of deceases.

Pourquoi devient-on malade?

Published in 2021 by Le Dauphin blanc.

This is my second French book of my trilogy on health. I invested 15 years of my life to complete this book.

You can translate the title of this book to "Why do we become sick?". I don't plan to translate this book but if you are an English editor you can contact my french editor Le Dauphin Blanc to arrange a deal for US or worldwide distribution.

Available on amazon

I am also Singer-Songwriter

I invite you to listen to the demo of my album Confession Around The Campfire. I write all my songs and write all my lyrics. I am looking musicians and partership with a record label.

Contact-me if you are interested or if you have contacts you can share to help my music be released.

Listen to my demo

My musical projects.

This is a picture of my with Quatuor Orphée at studio Piccolo de Montréal.

Health and Self-Sufficiency Podcast

I have an English podcast available on spotify, apple music, google podcast, amazon music andr anchor.fm.

I talk about health, rejuvenating nutrition and self-sufficiency. I also talk about topics related to awakening and getting out of the matrix. I also have a French podcast which goes deeper into a greater consciousness of what I call 'the universal consciousness'. This is a dive into my futures books.

Join me in this conversation.


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